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Booking Terms and Conditions.

1. Introduction.
These terms and conditions govern the booking between the artist (the “Performer”) and yourself (the Engager”). VOX TALENT Inc. (“VOX TALENT”) is acting as an agent on behalf of the Performer and is not responsible for any actions, inactions, inabilities and/or incompatibilities of the Performer.

2. Confirmation of Booking.
Submission of this form constitutes an offer to hire the Performer to provide the described services on the these terms and conditions, and does not guarantee the availability of, and/or acceptance by, the Performer requested. VOX TALENT will send the Engager a confirmation of booking once the Performer has accepted the requested booking, and upon the delivery of that confirmation, VOX TALENT will, as agent of the Performer, be deemed to have accepted on behalf of the Performer these terms and conditions.

3. Unavailability of the Performer.
3.1 VOX TALENT and the Performer will have no liability to the Engager if the Performer requested is not available on the date and/or time, regardless of whether or not the schedule information provided on VOX TALENT’s website, verbally, or by other means indicates that the Performer is available.
3.2 In the event that more than one request for the Performer is made at the same date or time, the request that is received first will be presented to the Performer for consideration.

4. Right to Deny.
VOX TALENT and the Performer reserve the right to deny any order, booking, hold or request made, without providing any reason.

5. Cancellation and/or Modification of a Session.
Without a prior agreement between the Engager and Performer, a session cannot be modified or cancelled by the Engager within 6 business hours of a session. If the Engager cancels within this timeframe, VOX TALENT may restrict the Engager from submitting bookings through the website or otherwise refuse to present requested bookings to the Performer.

6. GST and HST.
Some Performers charge Goods and Service Tax (the “GST”), or Harmonized Sales Tax (the “HST”). The Engager agrees to pay the GST or the HST in addition to the session rate.

7. Invoicing.
All invoices for sessions with the Performer will be delivered to the Engager at the email address provided for in the booking form.

8. Payment of Fees.
8.1 The Engager will pay the invoice of Performer, including any applicable taxes within 30 days of receipt of the invoice.
8.2 Payments must be made payable to the Performer and mailed within 30 days of session to:
(Name of Performer)
1235 Bay Street, 7th Floor
Toronto, ON, Canada M5R 3K4

9. Late Payment.
9.1 All overdue invoices will accrue interest at a rate of 5% annum.
9.2 The Engager will indemnify and hold harmless the Performer for all expenses (including legal fees on a solicitor-client basis), court fees, and damages suffered by the Performer in enforcing these terms and conditions and in collection of any invoice issued to the Engager.

10. Re-Engagement of the Performer.
10.1 There is no guarantee by VOX TALENT or the Performer that the Performer will be available for further bookings.
10.2 The Performer is not restricted from working for a competitor of the Engager.

11. Third Parties.
All services will be deemed a direct transaction between the Engager and Performer and not subject to confirmation, approval or payment from third party.

12. Artificial Intelligence.
12.1 The Engager expressly agrees not to utilize any portion of the Performer’s file, recording or performance of Performer for purposes other than that specified in the initial booking between the Engager and the Performer.
12.2 The Engager shall not utilize any recording or performance of the Performer to simulate the Performers voice or likeness, or to create any synthesized or “digital double” voice or likeness of the Performer.
12.3 The Engager specifically agrees not to sell or transfer ownership to all or part of any of the original files recording the performance of the Performer to any third party for purposes of using the files for Artificial Intelligence, such as text to speech, or speech to speech uses, without the Performers knowledge and consent.
12.4 The Engager agrees not to enter into any agreements or contracts on behalf of the Performer which utilizes all or part of any of the original files recording the performance of the Performer for purposes of using the files for Artificial Intelligence, such as text to speech, or speech to speech uses, without the Performers knowledge and consent.
12.5 The Engager agrees to use good faith to prevent any files of recordings or performances stored in digital format containing the Performers voice or likeness from unauthorized access by third parties, and if such files are stored in “the cloud” the Engager agrees to utilize services that offer safeguards through encryption or other “up to date” technological means from unauthorized third party access.

13. Jurisdiction.
All services ordered are deemed contracted within and subject to the laws of the Province of Ontario, Canada and that the City of Toronto is the forum of execution, performance, payment, law, and remedy for any breach, default, or delinquency.


Sample Rates

Below are some SAMPLE RATES and depending on the nature of the request, and the selected performer(s), the sample rates below are all negotiable. All Performers are free to charge as they wish, however the sample rates posted below are generally accepted starting points. A few performers have indicated specific rates for certain conditions. To find out if that is the case please click on RATES on the selected performers’ profile page and if this sample rates page does not appear then you will be prompted to reach out to the agency for more information.
Radio Commercials starting at
   Major Market (one city) $275    
   National (more than one city) $350
   Television Commercials starting at
   Major Market (one city) $400
   National (more than one city) $550
  Internet Commercials  starting at
  Promotional Online Videos $400    
Non-promotional See Narrations (Non Broadcast) rates below
Narrations (Non Broadcast)(Corporate/Industrial/Training/Etc) starting at
00 - 10 mins $250 For Non Broadcast Narrations over 40 minutes, or any Broadcast Narration, Online Usage, editing or multiple file delivery, please contact the agency for details. 
11 - 20 mins $300
21 - 30 mins $350
31 - 40 mins $400
Over 40 mins Call For Quote
  • Rates INCLUDE voiceover services and delivery of the dry read via FTP at no additional charge for the transfer and temporary storage.
  • Editing, multiple file delivery and custom audio formats are available for an additional fee if required or requested.
  • Rates are per language, in case a bilingual performer is required.
  • Custom auditions are provided for FREE at no charge.
  • Explainer Video and Corporate Video used online – narration for product video used online. Product/client must be the same or individual products/clients will be billed individually. Material cannot contain promotional content or it will be billed as a Commercial Spot (Internet).
  • For more information on rates, click here.