Kerry Campbell

An award winning actor and voice talent, Kerry’s vocal toolkit includes an eclectic variety of styles, ages, characters and accents; the girl-next-door, your grade-school teacher crush, the Mom every kid wishes was theirs, the best friend you want to share your secrets with.  Kerry’s clear, energized delivery is mature, professional, youthful, whimsical, sultry, corporate, cool or moody.  With 25 years of professional voice acting experience, Kerry delivers rock solid narratives and hilariously elastic characters every time.


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Kerry Campbell - Performer Schedule

***Can attend Alberta studios***

April 12 not available
April 21 – 25 not available

Kerry Campbell Narration Rates – Non Broadcast
Rates based on Per Finished Minute of dry (basic edited) audio
Minimum session rate $250
0 – 5 minutes or less $250
5 – 10 minutes $350
10 – 15 minutes $400
15 – 20 minutes $450
20 – 25 minutes $500
25 minutes + Call for quote
All narration longer than 25 minutes will be charged an additional $30 per finished minute.
Calculated on an average narration speed of 160 words Per Finished Minute of audio.

**Please be advised that this schedule may not be up to date. If your session date/time is fixed, you may email to ensure talent availability before you book.**

Sample Rates

Depending on the request and the selected performer(s) the below rates are negotiable. All performers are free to charge as they wish, however these are generally starting points. A few performers have indicated specific rates for certain conditions. To find out if that is the case please click on RATES on the selected performers’ profile page, if the sample rates page does not appear, you will be prompted to reach out to the agency for more information.
Radio Commercials starting at
   Major Market (one city) $275    
   National (more than one city) $350
   Television Commercials starting at
   Major Market (one city) $400
   National (more than one city) $550
  Internet Commercials  starting at
  Promotional Online Videos $400    
Non-promotional See Narrations (Non Broadcast) rates below
Narrations (Non Broadcast)(Corporate/Industrial/Training/Etc) starting at
00 - 10 mins $250 For Non Broadcast Narrations over 40 minutes, or any Broadcast Narration, Online Usage, editing or multiple file delivery, please contact the agency for details. 
11 - 20 mins $300
21 - 30 mins $350
31 - 40 mins $400
Over 40 mins Call For Quote
  • Rates INCLUDE voiceover services and delivery of the dry read via FTP at no additional charge for the transfer and temporary storage.
  • Editing, multiple file delivery and custom audio formats are available for an additional fee if required or requested.
  • Rates are per language, in case a bilingual performer is required.
  • Custom auditions are provided for FREE at no charge.
  • Explainer Video and Corporate Video used online – narration for product video used online. Product/client must be the same or individual products/clients will be billed individually. Material cannot contain promotional content or it will be billed as a Commercial Spot (Internet).
  • For more information on rates, click here.


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